@DarkWorksDWELLC response to my video FORGIVE

This video rather “hit” home with me today. Terrible week of “injustices” I’m afraid. I will not go into any detail here, but to say I enjoyed this video. To me, or for me, I should say, is more of medicinal value than anything since my antipsychotics are wearing thing.
Yes, I shall download this video right into my iPod Touch IV and with the proper music from my bleeding Playlist of some real sick crimson beats and enough arterial spray, well my friend, I can almost smell the metal of the blood so thick in the air.
Some people should be advised not to take your advice, your good sound advice — Leastwise, the authorities. However, I shall take it literally and with the pretense of rage, I’ll take this message as Sage advice.
Today, the injustices of the Universe cannot be fulfilled, however, a small portion of my dark and loathsome world it shall be cataclysmic as I shall be the Instrument of Destruction and the Usher into Hell’s Auditorium.
Can you hear the screams?
Close your eyes as see the shards of violence I am about to unleash in your honor as I shall grab each victim like that of a tender baby seal dragging them out one by one until I achieve and exact my brutal but riveting revenge as the bodies shall quickly be called to count for their atrocities of the spineless scum they were bred to be — Slaughtered and most suffering animals that shall indeed plead for their most violent death.
I cannot say for sure where the killing shall begin today, but I bleeding assure you that I shall make hell cry out and the heavens tremble with the dreadful trepidation that shall seize the heart of god cold.
I will free, I shall unleash the beast within me who has suffered in silence so long for so many years hidden from the grim reality it shall feast upon like a raging animal with the unquenchable desire for atonement through these vary actions I speak of so close to my blackened dark heart.

Today the killing fields shall be sown, my friend…